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We carefully select our COFFEES and TEA from organic and fair-trade sources to ensure you've got the highest quality product and conscience while enjoying any of our 85 teas and hand crafted specialized coffees. Our teas can be purchased loose, or brewed for you hot, cold or even as a latte.

Fuels Global Mission

Royal-Tea is changing lives of children in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Ghana.Your partnership also gives women in South Africa an exit from a lifestyle of sex-traffic. Royal-Tea also supports many local initiatives as needs come up; and when you shop royal-tea products - you fuel life-changing global missions.

Recharge your batteries

Our specialists will help you find the right coffee or tea solution for your needs - Caffeine comes easy around Royal-Tea; So do natural herbal solutions to keep you focused and functioning in tip top condition.

You have the power

This little Cutie is from Gasharu Rwanda. He is 5 years old. The average income in his village is about $11 a month. He walks 2 miles each way to school and loves it because Royal-tea, with your help provides him with every basic need in life as well as education and some health care. We have committed to take care of Christian until he is a young adult – His life will always be connected to you and your partnership with Royal-Teas mission. 

Jubilant is 4 years old and lives in Ghana. She loves jumping rope and listening to stories. She lives in a small village of 1600 people. Her village struggles to have clean water; most people drop out of school to work as laborers in farms for $16 per month. The girls often become mothers at very young ages and struggle to have basic needs met. Royal-tea has committed to see Jubilant all the way through her school years so she can have the chance in life we think everyone deserves. 

8 years old and living a life most kids in his town dream of. Ethiopia is home to some of the toughest environments; common health problems in this area include diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, and waterborne diseases. Most adults work as laborers making about $20 per month.  Mikyas likes to run errands while the adults work and play jax on his dirt floor. His villages biggest needs are related to education and employment opportunities. Royal-tea is providing Mikyas with the best education his town can offer so that he can get the best opportunities offered to him.

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