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Our Favorite Way to Make tea!

This convenient 16oz tea maker is designed to make the perfect cup of tea without a mess. Simply measure out your tea into the BPA-free plastic pitcher, add hot water and close the lid. Once your tea is steeped, place it directly on top of your mug or teacup and watch as the pressure activated dispenser filters all the tea leaves and pours perfectly clear tea into your cup in seconds! Once your cup is filled, simply remove the pitcher from the top of your cup and the flow stops instantly. Volume: 16oz Materials: BPA-Free Plastic

Hand Crafted Coffee In Store Menu

Our pourovers are made to your specific needs. Every one is made with careful timing and measurements to make sure you get the best custom and individual cup of coffee we can possibly offer. Our pourover coffee is freshly ground right before brewing to provide the best aromatics and flavor.

Every Latte is made to your specifications. We offer, carmel, hazelnut, vanilla, white chocolate, dark chocolate, mocha, and peppermint flavorings. We also can make a chai latte 'dirty' with a coffee base using any of our chai teas.

Our cold brew is made in house with a 25 hour cold steep, double filtered for smoothness. This is a surefire way to caffeinate your day with icey pleasure. The cold brew is deep and rich in flavor and not for the faint of heart.

Macchiato - Italian for 'marked' is a fun word to say, but we actually know what it means - and now; so do you. Macchiatos can be made hot or iced. a Hot macchiato is a standard latte with a little extra coffee and brown sugar. 

The ICED Macchiato was our best selling coffee drink of 2018. This is our cold brew on ice, flavored how you like it, sweetened with brown sugar and topped with heavy cream - its beautiful and delicious.

We have a blender, We have Ice, Cold brew, and half n' half - together they make blended slush from heaven - also known as a frappe. You can get yours with or without our homemade whip on top. 

Carefully Crafted In Store Tea Menu

Choose from any of our 85 teas and we will brew them fresh and hot on the spot just for you in our favorite smart tea makers. You just can’t beat the freshness.

We flash chill fresh brewed teas over ice. You can select any of our teas to be made Iced and sweetened however you’d like – or not at all. 

We can make a latte from most of our teas – we suggest tea lattes from our black and green teas. Just remember – herbals are a bad idea for a latte, tea people know why. 

Yep, we can do that too. We can turn your tea into a milky, icey, confectionary delight. If you’re looking for something new and cold, this is it. 

One of our favorite specialty drinks – an iced tea with black and orange teas – vanilla, brown sugar, and topped with half and half – basically the tea version of an dreamsicle. 

Dreamed up by our partners at Ulmies Nest: Green tea, strawberry, citrus, and hibiscus sweetened and iced to make a perfect harmony of sweet – slightly tart – and fruity flavors. 

Fruit and Hibiscus teas brewed richly then iced. This is sweetened with raw sugar then we add strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon. 

You can get it with or without caffeine. Perhaps our sweetest little iced treat.